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Using an Advanced Excel Converter to Quickly Convert XLS to TXT, CSV, DBF, SQL, XML, HTML and more.

Excel Converter
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When you need to regularly convert Microsoft Excel files, you need a solution which is fast and reliable and there are plenty of solutions out there to choose from. However, since speed and conversion accuracy are extremely important, you will also need to be certain that you have the best tool available for the job. This is where Advanced Excel Converter can help you. This is one of the fastest and most user-friendly of such programs currently available. It is also one of the more affordable Excel converter applications. Supporting an extensive set of different formats, it provides the versatility that you need. Supported formats include TXT, DBF, HTML, XML, CSV, RTF and SQL. Conversions are quick and simple and the software will do all of the hard work for you with just a few clicks of the mouse. You do not need to have Microsoft Excel installed on the computer either.

Advanced Excel Converter Key Features:

  • Convert XLS to CSV
  • Convert XLS to XML
  • Convert XLS to DBF (dBase III/IV, Foxpro, Visual Foxpro)
  • Convert XLS to SQL
  • Convert XLS to TXT
  • Convert XLS to Fixed Text
  • Convert XLSX to XLS
  • Convert XLS to HTML
  • Command line generation
  • Filter from GUI or command line.

Advanced Excel Converter is designed to save you as much time as possible. It is a simple and straightforward program which requires no complicated learning curves. You can simply download it and start using it to its full potential immediately. It does not provide a complicated and useless set of features. The Excel converter only gives you the features that you need to get the job done quickly, accurately and easily. To convert a file, you simply need to choose your original source file and then select the format of the output file and the destination directory. Once this quick and simple process is complete, the software does the rest of the work for you. The majority of conversions take a matter of seconds to complete, depending on the size of the original XLS file. There are many different conversion formats provided, including popular database and document formats as well as HTML for use with the Internet.

Advanced Excel Converter uses one of the fastest conversion algorithms to give you quality results as quickly as possible. It is perfectly capable even when working with the largest of XLS files. You do not need to worry about any slowdowns or other issues when converting large files. The program will still be able to carry out the conversion in the shortest possible time. The software also provides a batch processing feature, allowing you to leave it to convert multiple files in one time.

Though high performance is something that most people seek when it comes to format conversion programs, it is also extremely important to have complete accuracy with no risk of losing important data during the process. Advanced Excel Converter preserves all of your data, keeping every detail in each table during the conversion process. All of your data will be converted with 100% perfect accuracy. The only limitations are governed by the limitations inherent to the destination file format. You can also use the included preview feature to tailor your results by sorting data, skipping duplicate entries and more. 10 file types are supported in total. Any version of Windows from Windows 95 upwards is supported. 64-bit editions are also supported.

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